Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy 

If you and your spouse are looking to rekindle the love you once had with marriage counseling, South Bay Counseling LCSW PC is the counseling center to work toward saving your relationship. Our marriage and couples counseling services help couples find the root of the issues they have been experiencing and give solutions for each member of the relationship to walk away feeling fulfilled and having their needs met. There is an untold amount of stress that married couples face today; between finances, other family matters, lack of communication, and even the issue of outside affairs, it’s easy to see that any of these could lead to the emotional distance you and your spouse or significant other currently face.

Our counseling services provide discreet couples counseling for a number of different relationships in the New York area. Please read through the information below to learn more about marriage counseling and couples therapy.

How long does marriage counseling and or couples therapy take?

Marriage or couples counseling takes either a short period of time, such as a few sessions, or several years to work through all the problems a couple has. We will continue for as long as there are topics the couple wants to work on. The average length of time a couple remains in therapy is 6-12 months of weekly sessions.

How long are marriage counseling and couples therapy sessions?

Each session is 45 minutes long.

What kind of results can we expect with marriage counseling and or couples therapy?

You can expect to learn skills of communication—both assertiveness and good listening skills. You will learn to experience empathy, keeping the problem in context, and staying with one issue at a time. You will begin to experience greater trust and satisfaction. Specific problems within the marriage will also be addressed and ameliorated.

How much do you charge for marriage counseling and or couples therapy?

Couples therapy without insurance is billed at $95 per 45 minute session.

Do you take insurance for marriage counseling and or couples therapy?

Not all insurances allow couples counseling as a billable service. We will let you know ahead of time what the fee is per session.

Additional couples and marriage counseling services

In addition to managing the problems of longer-term relationships, we seek to address the needs of couples taking the relationship to the next level. Several religions require counseling prior to marriage. We offer the secular equivalent! Let us help you start off your increased commitment, life together under one roof, or marriage on the right foot. If there are any bad habits, we can help you unlearn them. Find out what is the best way to communicate to get your needs met. We can teach you how to honor and love each other for the long term. If there are any questions you have about your relationship, we can help you answer them and bring peace, harmony, and happiness for your future together.

If you are interested in sparking the love and feelings you seemed to have lost with your partner, give us a call today at (631) 264-0058 or fill out our appointment request form to schedule a marriage or couples therapy session to begin on the road to recovery today!