Forgiveness Therapy

Forgiveness Therapy

At South Bay Counseling LCSW-PC, we offer comprehensive forgiveness therapy on Long Island to help alleviate anger and move towards inner peace. We understand that forgiveness in certain situations is not a simple task, however, we are here and willing to work with you through every step of the journey to help you feel empowered and, above all else, relieved.

Forgiveness therapy by working through anger

At the beginning of forgiveness therapy, when clients come in seeking ways to recover from some type of betrayal, we start by addressing their anger. Looking at anger internally, it manifests itself in feelings and thoughts. Externally, anger is expressed both verbally and behaviorally. It’s important to understand where the anger is coming from, acknowledge it without denying it and work toward reducing or eliminating unhealthy anger. Eliminating this anger is the first step of forgiveness therapy and through our therapy sessions we can work toward this first goal.

Forgiveness therapy as a process

Let’s be honest, forgiveness therapy is not an overnight ordeal. Instead, working toward forgiveness takes time especially depending on what you are trying to forgive. The act of forgiving goes beyond the removal of uncomfortable feelings such as resentment, anger, and thoughts of revenge; some believe that full forgiveness requires feelings of compassion, mercy, and empathy towards the culprit. While we know that forgiveness is the antidote of negative feelings in these situations, how to reach this forgiveness is not always so clear. That’s why we incorporate forgiveness therapy in order to help our clients progress toward ultimate forgiveness; it is the process of finding inner peace through working through the issues causing the initial anger and resentment.

How South Bay Counseling LCSW can help with forgiveness therapy on Long Island

At South Bay Counseling, LCSW-PC, we are adept at helping clients move through the stages of anger towards acceptance ultimately leading to forgiveness. We will work with you to uncover the initial problems and let you feel the emotion constructively. Once we do, we’ll utilize our proven techniques to help you find answers as the next logical step in the progression. Finally, we’ll work to help you understand that while you will be opening yourself up again, that you are safe, and it is most beneficial to let your anger go.

Would you like to work toward alleviating your anger and work toward forgiveness in your life? If so please give us a call at (631) 264-0058 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We are ready to help you work toward understanding and forgiveness in any way we can.