Adjustment Therapy

Adjustment Therapy and Treatment 

Adjustment disorder (also referred to as stress response syndrome) develops after a person goes through a stressful event in their life. These events include the ending of a relationship, losing or changing jobs, learning that you or a loved one has a serious illness, surviving a natural disaster, and even “happy” stress from receiving a promotion or getting married. When a person suffers from adjustment disorder, they suffer symptoms that are similar to clinical depression such as hopelessness, insomnia, headaches, and isolation. This is considered “situational depression” rather than major depression because it corresponds to the life event that is causing stress.

Adjustment Disorder is also different than an anxiety disorder—even though both are related to the effectiveness of dealing with stress. Adjustment Disorder is considered to be short-term, lasting approximately six months compared to other anxiety disorders, and South Bay Counseling LCSW PC can help you in working through your particular case of stress response syndrome.

Behavior therapy for adjustment disorder

We use a variety of therapies to help treat our patients with adjustment disorder. Depending on the life event which caused the additional stress, such therapies may include cognitive, behavioral, and family therapy. Our goal is to help you figure out a better and healthier way of coping with whatever situation is causing your stress. Our creative interventions will help you understand your situation to help you adjust.

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