Behavioral Health Therapy

Behavioral Health Therapy on Long Island

At South Bay Counseling LCSW we offer behavioral health therapy for those in need of assistance with emotional distress. The aim of behavioral health therapy isn’t to merely arrive at a mental health diagnosis. Rather, this method of therapy looks to provide guidance and counseling for your life to help to improve outcomes. Behavioral health therapy utilizes a few schools of thought in psychology to encourage healthy, constructive habits while using proven techniques to stave off destructive ones. We listen to your specific situations attentively in order to derive the underlying causes of your unhappiness. After fully understanding your situation, we will offer comprehensive advice and guidance in order to quell the helplessness you feel.

How behavioral health therapy works

Oftentimes in difficult situations, it is more our reaction to the situation rather than the situation itself that is the real root of an issue. Perhaps the situation in question is a struggling friendship, being overlooked at work, or even a relationship which isn’t progressing. Believe it or not, the way that we think greatly affects how we perceive these events in our lives. Utilizing Behavioral Health Therapy, we will not only equip you with successful coping techniques for situations like these, but we will also work with you to help eliminate the consistently negative emotional responses to these situations. It all goes back to the idea that having someone to help work you through your problems you can come to healthy solutions to make your life better.

Behavioral health therapy is different from other treatments

Even if you’ve experienced that other forms of therapy weren’t entirely effective for you, you must know that behavioral health therapy is different from other treatments. First, behavioral health therapy is relatively short-term. Unlike other ongoing methods of treatment, BHT looks to help you overcome your negative reactions in under 20 sessions. Another difference is that behavioral health therapy is based on self-help. While we look forward to working with you to overcome your difficulties, we also want to give you the necessary information so that you can find your solutions within yourself in the future. Finally, behavioral health therapy is different because it is results-based. You may have been dissuaded by other forms of therapy because they didn’t have clear outcomes. With behavioral health therapy, on the other hand, you set your own goals and expectations and we’ll help you work toward these obtainable goals.

Are you ready to find mental wellness, peace of mind, and support with your behavioral health to improve your life? We invite you to call us at (631) 264-0058 or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you to help in any way we can.