Child Therapy

Child Therapy and Counseling

At South Bay Counseling LCSW PC, we offer comprehensive child therapy  to help your child discover his or her true potential. We offer remote and comprehensive treatment for children and young adults. As the ever-increasing basis of psychological data continues to grow, it shows that childhood is a crucial stage in terms of mental development and psychological foundations that lasts a lifetime. Addressing any issues or psychological difficulties your child experiences now can start them on the path toward a healthier and happier future. Our therapy sessions and interventions are custom-tailored to your child and we use age-appropriate techniques to uncover those things which might be hindering his or her capabilities.

Children with developmental, social, emotional, and/or medically-related vulnerabilities may require extra attention and care in order to support positive growth, and we understand the importance that early intervention plays for children. By addressing the underlying causes of a child’s emotional distress or anxiety, we can often help your child work through their issues and prevent lasting emotional impact. By incorporating classic therapeutic as well as adaptive techniques based on your child’s personality, we strive to help your child and your entire family on the right path towards positive growth and healthy relationships.

What is childhood therapy?

Child therapy is an attempt to help a child conquer a problem; overcome a non-optimal habit (such as angry outbursts/temper tantrums, etc); surpass a deficit; attain skills needed to function adequately; manage anxiety, depression, or focusing problems; attain self-esteem; or socialize appropriately.

How do I know my child needs therapy?

Your child may have undergone a trauma or loss. Your child may be experiencing bullying at school, in their neighborhood, or online. Your child may be having difficulty with friends, have no friends, or may be acting differently than is typical. Your child’s teacher or doctor may indicate that therapy would be helpful. Your child may exhibit loss of skills already attained or be unable to do the things other children their age can do. Your child may tell you that they want help with their problem(s). You, as a parent, may be able to sense that it is time for a professional to assist your child.

Your child may exhibit signs of a mood or attention disorder, such as:

  • crying
  • fearfulness
  • extreme shyness
  • poor ability to focus or follow directions

How might my child benefit from therapy?

There are many benefits that a child or teenager can experience when they have one-on-one attention from a child therapy professional. A younger child can feel a stronger sense of self than they did previously and can begin to normalize their behavior—become less dependent and attention-seeking. An older child may become better equipped to manage peer relationships and authority figures. Your child can benefit from feeling stronger and more attuned with their environment so that they can meet expectations and perform at their highest level. Helping a child or teenager attain a higher self-esteem has far reaching benefits.

What happens in a typical therapy session with a child?

Child therapy is creative therapy. For our youngest clients, vocal play therapy of many kinds would be the first choice to help the child develop trust and willingness to open up to an adult they do not know well. Children often must find other ways to express themselves than through direct, verbal means as these are not yet well-developed. Older children can express themselves verbally. With these children and teens, child therapists use techniques such as role-playing, validation, empathy, modeling, and guidance. Parents are included frequently to assist the process.

How long does treatment last?

Each child is different and has different needs. When working with children, the most important task is trust, and that can take some time to develop. We try to work on the issues while trust is developing, but once it does form, the work can proceed more rapidly.

Is insurance accepted?

Many insurance plans are accepted. Feel free to call or check the website for the latest information.

If you are interested in how we can help your child uncover their true potential, please give us a call at (631) 264-0058 or fill out our appointment request form to schedule an appointment and find out how we can benefit your child’s development. Our remote services are available for all New York residents.