Women: How to Improve Your Body Image

Are there any women you know who aren’t constantly worried about their body, how it looks, which parts are thin enough and which parts are big enough?

Whether you are a heavy-set gal, with a few extra visible pounds and find yourself living in Spanx, or a skinny little mini with a tiny chest, it’s most likely that there is a least one part of your body that makes you cringe.

How can you know that other women feel insecure about how they look?

Take a careful look at the way a woman stands. Is she loose and fluid in her movements and unconcerned about the visual she is creating as she moves around? Or, is she rigid and trying to hide parts that she doesn’t like with a prop, or by standing a certain way? Sad, isn’t it.


Where did we get the body-image unhappiness from?

Some women have an idea about how they would look if they were the “best they could be”. Unfortunately, many women, when thinking about their best selves, envision a body that’s unobtainable to them. That’s because images of perfect bodies are seen in the media and indoctrinated into our young!

If you are short, you will not become tall – until science advances beyond where it is now. If you are “too tall” you can’t become petite. Short legs can’t become long legs, wide shoulders can’t become narrow shoulders and so on.

So what can you do if you are unhappy with how you look?

  • Fake confidence is better than real insecurity. That’s right. No one looks good when insecure. You can look much better if you show the love you have for yourself. You will be sought after as a friend and respected. Will you be respected or sought after if you are insecure and it shows? Probably not.
  • What else do you want to be known for, aside from how you look? There will come a time in your life when looks will not matter as much. You will need some other way to define yourself. Start on that now. Right now.
  • Practice gratitude for your finer features. Take a closer look at yourself. There are parts that you do like or at least parts that you “loathe less” than others. Start by feeling gratitude for what you have that you like and the functionality of what you have that you don’t like. “My thighs are too wide, but they get me where I need to go.” Developing a more rational appreciation for your body can turn your negativity around.

Go ahead – love yourself!