“Nothing is impossible, to a willing heart.” ~ John Heywood

The holidays are over and you survived. Being single through the holidays isn’t easy. And now, the calendar shows there’s just a few more weeks until Valentine’s Day. If you have a date lined up for the special day, you can stop reading now. If you didn’t last year and it looks like you won’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year, keep reading and take notes!


Seriously, do you want to spend another Valentine’s Day without a date? Of course, the answer is “no.”

Here are some tips to help you increase your odds of landing a date for the big day…

Get out of your comfort Zone/Get out of your house

If you put half as much effort into finding a date for Valentine’s Day as you do when job hunting or planning a vacation, you will make it happen!

Some of the easiest places to find someone interesting and start a conversation:

The Gym – Ask someone promising how to use a weight or cardio machine to break the ice. My friend Evelyn tells a funny story about how she and her current boyfriend met. She was walking by the hunk using the rowing machine she just finished using. He asked her how it was possible to get a good workout on the machine when it was so easy. She said two words that sparked their relationship, “pull harder”. They laughed as he realized that his effort level drove the resistance. He followed her advice on that machine and stuck with her throughout his workout that day. He made a plan with her to come back the next day and workout together. They got to know each other and became a couple. It was as simple as that!

The Grocery Store – Start the conversation by asking for help identifying an obscure vegetable in the produce section. I witnessed this occurring at Whole Foods last week. The two became so engrossed in their conversation, that no one could get near the red kale. And no one had the heart to break up the cozy couple!

The Dog Park – Bring your cute four-legged friend to a well-attended dog park and your dog will gladly do half the work for you. He will find just the right dog owner for you to talk to!

Galleries/Museums – If this is your interest, enjoy your visit while keeping an eye out for someone who is there alone as well. Ask the most likely candidate for their opinion on an exhibit to get a conversation started. Some other ideas for places to get out and meet people include Meditation/Yoga, a Festival, The Bookstore/Library, Coffee shop or at Religious/Spiritual events and gatherings.

Spread the word to your friends and family – If you were looking for a job, you wouldn’t hesitate to do this. Let these well-meaning people know that you are interested in hearing about who they can set you up with for Valentine’s Day.

Look into your past – could you already know the right person to date on Valentine’s Day? What about someone from your past that needs a second chance?

Be brave, be bold and go find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with!