How to Know if You and Your Partner are Compatible

All the chemistry is there. The sparks are flying. You and your partner are lighting up the night with your passion.

But, are you compatible?

Compatibility ranks up there with solid communication skills and respecting one another when it comes to making romance work for you. Just because you are crazy about one another doesn’t mean that you’re compatible. Compatibility is more about walking the same life path as your partner or existing in natural harmony with them. If attraction isn’t the key element in determining compatibility then what is? Following are ways to know if you and your partner are truly compatible.

You Both Possess Similar Core Values

Many individuals write a list of traits that they want in a partner. Superficial traits excluded (like physical qualities), this is a great idea.

Coupling with another person sharing the same core values as you is a recipe for success.

Although people change throughout a lifetime, these core values tend to stand the test of time.

Also, life does have a tendency to get difficult in some chapters. Having the same moral compass as your partner could mean the difference between divorce and “till death do us part.”

You Can Manage Conflict Together

Couples who haven’t undergone a significant argument together might not know if they can manage conflict or not.

Knowing how to disagree, manage conflict, and fight fair are all necessary qualities for a long-lasting relationship. Compatible partners know how to take responsibility for their part in the conflict. They also know how to apologize.

If you and your partner can get through a fight with your feelings and relationship still enact then you are on the road to success.

You Know Yourself and Each Other Very Well

Loving the oddities and quirky ways of another person first require you to know that person very well.

This is part of dating. Often referred to as a romantic interview, dating is the appropriate time to get acquainted with someone on a deeper level.

Furthermore, loving another person and accepting their love in return also means knowing and loving yourself first.

A relationship without this deep sense of love and acceptance is still at the superficial stage.

You Can Enjoy Life Together

Compatible couples find a way to enjoy life together. They often share similar hobbies and enjoy the same activities.

This is not to say that you must parade through life as identical twins. Still, being able to enjoy life together is a must to be a compatible couple.

Typically your interests overlap and you’re able to share genuine experiences with one another.

Of course, you’ll eventually find yourself participating in obligatory events, but doing so won’t be a regular occurrence or a regrettable one.

You Are Each Other’s Supporting Posts

In a compatible relationship, each partner tends to run to the other with both good and bad news.

You feel safe and want to share your entire life with your partner.

When something goes wrong, you have no doubts that your partner is in your corner fighting for you.

You support each other’s dreams, goals, and life pursuits. You are both committed to growing and transforming into the best you can be. It might not always be smooth or perfect, but it’s authentic.

Discovering whether you and your partner are compatible does require a little soul searching on your part. If you’re needing support in this area, please contact me.

I would enjoy helping you discover who you truly are and uncovering your strengths. Many times, people are compatible but old wounds get in the way. In looking for a way to find closure for the past and begin a new future, please reach out to me.