7 Steps to a Dignified Breakup

It’s true that not all romantic relationships stand the test of time. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, it’s simply a fact of life.While breaking up can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare or traumatic to either of you.

When a romantic chapter comes to an end, there are certain steps to take to keep things respectful. Read on to learn more about how to have a dignified breakup.

1. Do It Face to Face

In this age of texts, snapchats, and social media, go against the digital flow. When you break up with your partner, look him or her in the eye and communicate the old fashion way.

Not only does this face-to-face interaction offer more integrity, it will make the other person feel more valued as a human.

2. Speak Directly and Kindly

There is a reason for the breakup, but having a dignified breakup means no finger pointing.

Focus on why you want to end it rather than the things you dislike about your partner motivating the breakup.

Avoid using disputable excuses like he or she deserves better. If you’re unhappy, unsatisfied, or do not want a future with your partner then use the kindest words to say just that.

3. Show Compassion

Aside from unique cases, a breakup rarely delivers joy and laughter for either party.

There might be tears, anger, frustration, or a number of other emotions at the culmination of it all.

Be compassionate and empathetic to the partner you just made an ex-partner. No matter if you both agree that this is the right decision or not, it’s probably going to sting a little.

It’s okay to let him or her know that this breakup is hard for you, too.

4. Respect Your Partner’s Emotions

Again, your partner could respond to the breakup with an array of different feelings.

Hear him or her out if there is something that needs to be said. It’s important not to let this emotional expression turn into a debate, but they deserve to be heard.

Validating your partner’s feelings is a significant key in maintaining dignity throughout your breakup.

5. Keep It Short and Sweet

A short and respectful conversation about your decision to end the relationship will suffice.

There is no reason to have a lengthy discussion or to fight about the relationship.

Think of this conversation as you would approach the removal of a band-aid. Make it quick and as painless as possible rather than dragging it out.

6. Mean What You Say

Avoid being unsure of yourself. Most likely, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of this relationship and you’ve not made your decision on a whim.

Stand firm by your desires. Avoid toying with your partner’s emotions or leading him or her on.

Since the relationship is truly over, you can no longer be the shoulder to cry on. It’s important to be strong enough to allow you both the proper space to disconnect from each other and heal.

7. Avoid Contact

Allowing the proper space will require you to avoid contact.

Depending on the personality type of your now ex-partner, he or she may not fully accept that the relationship is over. The no-contact rule might be the most difficult part of a breakup aftermath.

Furthermore, adhering to this rule will aid in the grieving process and ultimately speed the recovery time for both of you.

Breaking up will most likely cause you grief to some extent. The end to a romantic relationship doesn’t have to be traumatic or more hurtful than necessary.

By following these simple guidelines, you can both keep your dignity and prevent the turmoil of a chaotic breakup.